Rehab Addict Pregnant Who Is The Father? (Solved)

However, when her ex-husband, Minnesota-based businessman Shane Maguire, 54, discovered that he was the father, he asserted his parental rights and was granted visitation privileges with his daughter. Curtis found herself in the position of having to hand over her then-6-month-old baby twice a week all of a sudden. Her mother recalls that Harper had never, ever been apart from her before this time.

Who did Nicole from rehab addict have a baby with?

Nicole has been candid about her experiences as a single mother while appearing on the show. She was 20 years old when she became pregnant with Ethan, her 23-year-old son, whom she had with her former spouse Steve Lane. Ethan is her only child. Nicole then gave birth to her second son, Harper, in 2015, and she and her ex-husband, Shane Maguire, have reached a custody arrangement for him.

How is Bobby’s daughter from rehab addict?

We also lost Tessa [Bobby Prothero’s daughter], who was also a lead contractor during this season. We knew she was battling cancer, but we didn’t expect her to pass away so quickly.

Who is Nicole from rehab addict married to?

Stephen Cimini is a talented American painter who has exhibited his work in several national exhibitions. His current body of work is informed by the linear terrain of Manhattan, which serves as his inspiration. It investigates geometric areas and their links to one another, as well as a fascination with the enigmatic world of colors.

Who are Nicole Curtis parents?

With a fresh new series, “Rehab Addict Rescue,” the 44-year-old helps homeowners restore their crumbling historic houses to their former splendor on the small screen. During an interview with Fox News, the remodeling TV star discussed how she needed time away from the cameras and why she is drawn to older properties.

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Does Nicole Curtis have custody of her youngest son?

Nicole Curtis was embroiled in a legal struggle to get custody of her son Harper. Nicole Maguire gave birth to her son Harper in 2015, and she and her ex-husband, Shane Maguire, reached a custody arrangement in 2018. According to The Blast, the two came to an agreement to share joint custody after a lengthy court struggle that lasted years.

How many houses does Nicole Curtis own?

Curtis, who has purchased and repaired around six properties in Detroit, claims that she puts her own money into the projects she does. The houses we repair are all kept by myself and my own projects since they have no monetary worth after we are through with them. “I don’t get my money back,” Curtis expressed disappointment. “They’re like my mini museums,” says the author.

Who is Bobby on Rehab Addict?

Bobby Prothero (@bobbyprothero) is a photographer who posts photographs and videos on Instagram.

Is Nicole Curtis still married?

Nicole claims that she has never been married, although she has made news in the past because of some of her sexual encounters with other people. Nicole Cimini and her college lover, Steven Cimini, are the parents of Nicole’s oldest son, Ethan. She also had a son with a businessman named Shane Maguire, whom she married.

Who is Nicole Curtis married to now?

Nicole Curtis, host of HGTV’s Design Star, mourns the loss of her beloved dog Lucy, saying, “The tears haven’t stopped.” A lengthy and sad Instagram post from the 44-year-old reality television actress — who will host a Rehab Addict spin-off series dubbed Rehab Addict Rescue next year — stated that her beloved canine friend had passed away on Tuesday.

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