How Long Is The Rehab For A Torn Pectoral Muscle? (TOP 5 Tips)

The recovery time for low-grade tears is typically 4-6 weeks, but the recovery time for high-grade tears might be 3-4 months. Keep in mind that recovery time is not only affected by the severity of the injury, but also by how quickly you recover following surgery.

How do you rehab a torn pectoral muscle?

Shoulder flexion exercises, which are performed with wrist weights, light dumbbells, and low tensioned exercise bands, are commonly used to gradually rebuild the strength of your pectoral muscles following a rupture. Strengthening exercises should be performed in three sets of 15 repetitions. Slowly increase the resistance level in accordance with your rate of advancement.

How long does a torn pec take to heal?

Exercise bands with low tension and wrist weights are commonly used for shoulder flexion exercises to gradually increase the strength of your pectoral muscles after a rupture. Wrist weights, small dumbbells, and low tensioned exercise bands are also commonly used for these exercises. Strengthening exercises should be performed three times for a total of 15 reps. Based on your pace of improvement, gradually raise the level of resistance.

How serious is a torn pectoral muscle?

A ruptured pectoralis muscle causes significant discomfort and ripping sensations in the chest. Pain in the upper arm, weakness, bruising, and a dimpling, or pocket development, above the arm pit are all possible side effects of this condition. The use of ice and immobilization of the shoulder, arm, and chest are recommended as first treatments.

What does a minor pec tear feel like?

The signs and symptoms of a pec strain are as follows: The vast majority of persons will describe a precise point in time when they had a “tearing” or “popping” feeling in their chest or around their armpit. With a grade 2 or 3 tear, they will experience immediate discomfort in their chests as well as a lack of strength in their arms.

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How do you know if you tore your pectoral muscle?

You may have intense discomfort in your chest if your chest muscle is stretched or torn. Symptoms

  1. In addition to discomfort, edema, muscular spasms, trouble moving the afflicted region, pain when breathing, and bruising may occur.

Do all pec tears require surgery?

Surgery is typically necessary to treat pectoralis major injuries, with the exception of those involving a partial tear of the tendon, those involving a rupture of the core of the muscle, and those involving elderly patients (see below). Pectoralis major muscle injuries are common among athletes who wish to return to their sport after suffering a complete recovery of strength.

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