Who Is Blonde Man With Nichole On Rehab Addict? (Question)

Nicole Curtis has finally shared her feelings on the new man in her life with the public! The 42-year-old Rehab Addict actress has revealed exclusively to PEOPLE that she has been dating Ryan Sawtelle for more than a year.

Does Nicole from Rehab Addict have a boyfriend?

Lauren Nicole introduced her new partner, Ryan Sawtelle, to her Instagram fans in a tale she shared in July of this year. She hasn’t written anything about him in a while, and it’s unclear whether or not they are still dating. The first episode of Rehab Addict Rescue will air on Thursday, January 28, 2021, at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.

How is Bobby’s daughter from Rehab Addict?

We also lost Tessa [Bobby Prothero’s daughter], who was also a lead contractor during this season. We knew she was battling cancer, but we didn’t expect her to pass away so quickly.

Who is Nicole Curtis husband?

Bobby Prothero (@bobbyprothero) is a photographer who posts photographs and videos on Instagram.

What is Nicole Curtis doing?

Nicole Curtis, the former star of the HGTV show “Rehab Addict,” has been out of the spotlight for more than two years since the conclusion of her show in 2018. With a fresh new series, “Rehab Addict Rescue,” the 44-year-old helps homeowners restore their crumbling historic houses to their former splendor on the small screen.

Does Nicole Curtis have custody of her youngest son?

Nicole Curtis was embroiled in a legal struggle to get custody of her son Harper. Nicole Maguire gave birth to her son Harper in 2015, and she and her ex-husband, Shane Maguire, reached a custody arrangement in 2018. According to The Blast, the two came to an agreement to share joint custody after a lengthy court struggle that lasted years.

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How many houses does Nicole Curtis own?

Curtis, who has purchased and repaired around six properties in Detroit, claims that she puts her own money into the projects she does. The houses we repair are all kept by myself and my own projects since they have no monetary worth after we are through with them. “I don’t get my money back,” Curtis expressed disappointment. “They’re like my mini museums,” says the author.

Who are Nicole Curtis parents?

Curtis will make her television debut with the new series, which will air a decade after her successful show “Rehab Addict” initially aired. Across the years, she has worked on a variety of projects throughout Detroit, some in the suburbs, and some in Minneapolis, where she used to live.

How much did Nicole Curtis Minnehaha house sell for?

Jenny eventually agreed to sell the house to Curtis in June 2012 for the $610,000 he had paid six months earlier, but the agreement fell through when Curtis was unable to secure financing.

What happened to Tessa on rehab addict?

The final two episodes of season seven were dedicated to Bobby Prothero’s daughter Tessa, who was battling pediatric cancer at the time of the shows. Tessa, a nine-year-old who frequently appeared on Curtis’ Instagram account and during book signings, died on June 17 after a short illness.

Is Nicole Curtis married now?

We used donations from my fans to make two wigs for children (one of which included my hair) and donated the funds in honor of #tessaprothero, Nicole said in an interview with PEOPLE. TESSA PROTHERO, daughter of Nicole’s primary contractor Bobby Prothero, passed away in 2017 after a long fight with cancer.

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Is rehab addict coming back in 2021?

HGTV is bringing a whole new series starring Nicole Curtis from the hit show Rehab Addict. Nicole Curtis, a home repair celebrity, will assist overburdened DIYers in restoring their historic houses in the upcoming HGTV series Rehab Addict Rescue, which will premiere in January 2021.

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