Who Is The Director Of Rehab In Healthsouth Altamonte? (Solution)

Since the inception of HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Altamonte Springs in 2014, Dr. Eliam Fuentes-Tirado, medical director and independent practice physician, has dedicated each and every day to providing patients a second shot at life and assisting them in regaining their autonomy.

Who owns HealthSouth Rehab Hospital?

Encompass Health Corporation (formerly HealthSouth Corporation), headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, is one of the largest providers of post-acute healthcare services in the United States, providing both facility-based and home-based post-acute services in 36 states and Puerto Rico through its network of inpatient rehabilitation facilities and outpatient rehabilitation facilities.

How many locations does encompass health have?

Currently, we have more than 400 outlets in 39 states and Puerto Rico.

What states are encompass health in?

There are 136 locations around the United States.

  • Alabama(8)
  • Arkansas(5)
  • Arizona(6)
  • California(3)
  • Colorado(2)
  • Delaware(1)
  • Florida(12)
  • Georgia(2)

Is HealthSouth still a company?

Beginning on January 2, 2018, HealthSouth Corporation, one of the nation’s major providers of post-acute care services, will be known as Encompass Health Corporation. Executives revealed this week that the brand’s home health segment, Encompass Home Health and Hospice, will also be rebranded under the new moniker.

Where is HealthSouth company now?

It has been announced that HealthSouth Corp., an operator of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and a provider of home-based care, would be renamed as Encompass Health Corp. The operator’s ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange has changed from “HLS” to “EHC,” according to the company.

Who is the CEO of Encompass Health?

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Mark J. Tarr As President and Chief Executive Officer of Encompass Health, Mark Tarr has been in the position since December 29, 2016. Tarr previously served as executive vice president and chief operating officer before taking on the job of President and Chief Executive Officer.

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Who owns encompass rehab?

At the time of writing, Encompass is owned by Cressey Company LP, a renowned healthcare-focused private equity firm.

Is encompass a hospital?

At the time of writing, Encompass is owned by Cressey Company LP, a major private investment group focused on healthcare.

What does HealthSouth sell?

HealthSouth Corporation is the nation’s largest supplier of medical rehabilitation health care and outpatient surgery services, with more than 200,000 patients served annually.

Is rehab like a hospital?

Medical rehabilitation health care and outpatient surgical services are provided by HealthSouth Corporation, the nation’s largest supplier of such services.

Who purchased encompass health?

Eventually, HealthSouth Corporation purchased the company for $750 million in 2014, and the company’s name was changed to Encompass Health four years later to reflect this.

Where is Richard Scrushy now?

Scrushy was freed from jail after completing about five years of his term there. After moving to Houston, he started working as a small-business consultant.

What happened to Aaron Beam?

Aaron Beam was a founding member of Healthsouth and the organization’s first Chief Financial Officer from 1984 until 1997. He currently resides in Loxley, Alabama, with his wife of 44 years, Phyllis, and their two children. In 1996, he was a co-conspirator in the accounting scam at Healthsouth Corporation. The deception was discovered in 2003, and Beam pled guilty and was sentenced to time in a federal prison for his crimes.

What is HealthSouth new name?

From 1984 through 1997, Aaron Beam served as a founding member and the company’s first Chief Financial Officer. In the present, he resides in Loxley, Alabama, with Phyllis, his wife of 44 years. Healthsouth was a victim of accounting fraud in 1996, and he was a participant in that crime. The deception was discovered in 2003, and Beam was sentenced to time in a federal prison for his actions.

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