Where Does Rehab Addict Take Place? (Perfect answer)

Her new series follows the restorations of eight homes in the Detroit area, as the homeowners, many of whom are overwhelmed, seek Curtis and her team’s assistance throughout the process. One home is located in Indian Village, another is located in West Village, and a third is located in LaSalle Park.

Where does rehab addict rescue take place?

Rehab Addict was a reality television show that gussied up residences in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the surrounding area for the first three seasons. Nevertheless, with Season 4, the program has expanded to include Detroit, MI, and Akron, OH (It makes sense, right?

Where does Nicole Curtis live in Michigan?

Curtis was raised in Lake Orion, Michigan, where he attended Lake Orion High School before graduating in 1994. Her father was the owner of a waste company. A native of Georgia, she attended college in Florida and Michigan before giving birth to her son, Ethan, before graduating. Her current residence in Detroit is a refurbished 1904 house that she purchased in September 2014.

How much does Nicole Curtis make?

Nicole Curtis has an estimated net worth of $8 million. Nicole Curtis is a licensed realtor, interior designer, and reality television star who has amassed a fortune.

Was Rehab Addict Cancelled?

Net Worth: Nicole Curtis is a licensed realtor, interior designer, and reality television star who has a net worth of $8 million. Nicole Curtis is the daughter of a real estate broker and an interior designer.

How many houses does Nicole Curtis own?

Curtis, who has purchased and repaired around six properties in Detroit, claims that she puts her own money into the projects she does. The houses we repair are all kept by myself and my own projects since they have no monetary worth after we are through with them. “I don’t get my money back,” Curtis expressed disappointment. “They’re like my mini museums,” says the author.

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What happened to Tessa on Rehab Addict?

The final two episodes of season seven were dedicated to Bobby Prothero’s daughter Tessa, who was battling pediatric cancer at the time of the shows. Tessa, a nine-year-old who frequently appeared on Curtis’ Instagram account and during book signings, died on June 17 after a short illness.

Where does Nicole from Rehab Addict live?

Curtis will make her television debut with the new series, which will air a decade after her successful show “Rehab Addict” initially aired. Across the years, she has worked on a variety of projects throughout Detroit, some in the suburbs, and some in Minneapolis, where she used to live.

Who is Nicole Curtis husband?

Who is Nicole Curtis, and what is her story? Nicole, 44, is a mother, a home renovator and restorer, an investor, a realtor, and a television producer who has been working on houses for a long time before making her television debut. She hosted Rehab Addict from 2010 to 2018, after which she took a break from the show to spend more time with her children. She is currently a cast member of Rehab Addict Rescue.

Where is Nicole Curtis from?

Nicole claims that she has never been married, although she has made news in the past because of some of her sexual encounters with other people. Nicole Cimini and her college lover, Steven Cimini, are the parents of Nicole’s oldest son, Ethan. She also had a son with a businessman named Shane Maguire, whom she married.

Who lives in the Ransom Gillis house?

They were a logging family that resided in the house for eight years before selling it to Alanson and Cornelia Fox, who were also rich lumber barons at the time of their purchase. The Foxes held the house for 28 years, making them the owners with the longest tenure and the family most frequently linked with it.

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Did Nicole Curtis attend rehab?

Nicole Curtis, well known for her series Rehab Addict, has returned to television after revealing that she required a significant two-year hiatus to rest her mind and body. She made a comeback with Rehab Addict Rescue, which aired on HGTV and is currently streaming on Discovery+. She recently spoke out about why she decided to take a break from her remodeling reality series.

How old is Nicole from rehab addict?

She is best known for her television series Rehab Addict, but Nicole Curtis has returned to the small screen after admitting that she needed a significant two-year vacation from the industry to rest her mind and body. Recently, she spoke up about why she decided to take a break from her remodeling reality program, Rehab Addict Rescue, which launched on HGTV and is now available on Discovery+.

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