What Was Tom Paris Rehab Colony? (Correct answer)

After quitting Starfleet, he sought fulfillment as a fighter pilot with the Maquis. However, he was kidnapped by Starfleet on his first mission and imprisoned to the Federation Penal Settlement outside Auckland, New Zealand, where he was required to wear an alert anklet.

Why was Tom Paris in a penal colony?

During his first year on the job, Paris was involved in a shuttle disaster near the planet Caldik Prime, which resulted in the deaths of three other Starfleet officers. Having been tried and found guilty of treason for his role in assisting the Maquis Rebellion, Paris was ordered to serve his prison sentence in a Federation penal colony outside Auckland, New Zealand.

What happened to Tom Paris after Voyager?

Following his return to the Alpha Quadrant, Paris continued in Starfleet and was promoted to the rank of full lieutenant. Later in his career, Paris appeared on a Voyager license plate.

Why does Tom Paris get demoted?

Plot. Lieutenant Tom Paris is demoted to Ensign and imprisoned in the Voyager’s brig for thirty days as a result of his disobedience to instructions. Paris refers to his personal log as a message to his father during this segment, which serves as the episode’s framing device.

Did Harry Kim get a letter from home?

A singularity protected inside the array is exposed and used by the Voyager crew as a tactical advantage, allowing them to rescue Seven and Tuvok. However, the ship’s connection to the outside world is severed as a result of the incident. Harry has finally received his letter, but Paris has misplaced hers.

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Was New Zealand ever a penal colony?

The New Zealand Penal Settlement was a Federation penal colony on Earth, located in the New Zealand island group, east of the continent of Australia, and serving as a prison for Federation prisoners. This facility, like all rehabilitation camps, was utilized to treat offenders and was considered a potential location for Maquis detainees to be housed.

Do Tom and B elanna get married?

The episode concludes with Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres tying the knot in a private ceremony. Contrary to the marriage that took place in “Course: Oblivion,” in which the biomimetic duplicates of Paris and Torres are the ones who really got married, this marriage does not take place in the same universe.

Why was Voyager Cancelled?

There are two reasons for this: The storyline of the series came to a close – The program had completed its intended path, and the conclusion of the series was a logical conclusion. A new path for the franchise was desired, and that direction was the “prequel” series Enterprise. The series was being pushed out of the way in order to be replaced by the new Enterprise.

What happened to Harry Kim after Voyager?

The death of the “original” Harry Kim is commemorated in this episode, and he is replaced with a copy. The “actual” Kim’s body appears to have been abandoned to drift in space, however it is possible that it has been salvaged at some point off-screen. According to the non-canon game Star Trek Online, the Kobali were responsible for rescuing his body at some time.

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Does Janeway get home?

Paris will have to change its direction. The Borg Sphere makes its appearance in the Alpha Quadrant, and Starfleet warships immediately begin firing on it. However, it subsequently explodes in a dazzling explosion, and Voyager is able to exit from the ruins of the planet unscathed. Admiral Paris greets Janeway upon her return, and she assures him that she will provide a thorough report.

What episode does Tom Paris get his rank back?

Kirk is demoted from the rank of admiral to that of captain. Later in the season, in the episode “Unimatrix Zero,” Paris is promoted to the rank of lieutenant junior grade again.

Is Tom Paris in TNG?

A promotion from admiral to captain has been announced for Captain James Kirk. In the sixth season finale, “Unimatrix Zero,” Paris gets promoted to the rank of lieutenant junior grade.

How tall is Duncan?

Ensign Harry S. L. Kim is a fictional character that appears in each of the seven seasons of the American television series Star Trek: Voyager. Harry S. L. Kim was born in the United States and raised in South Korea. Garrett Wang portrays him as the Operations Officer on board the Starfleet spacecraft USS Voyager, which he commands.

Who does Harry Kim marry?

Harry Kim Linnis was injured in the 15th round. In an other universe, Tom Paris and Kes were married and had a daughter called Linnis, who was adopted. Her half-Ocampan heritage caused her to age more quickly than ordinary humans. It was also during this time period that she met and married Harry Kim, with whom she had a son, Andrew.

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Did the Borg assimilate hirogen?

History. It appears that the Hirogen were initially assimilated by the Borg shortly after Seven of Nine was liberated from the Borg Collective in 2374, according to available evidence.

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